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Gagnants de la loterie:
  1. Red Wings de DetroitRed Wings de Detroit (1→1)
  2. Sénateurs d'OttawaSénateurs d'Ottawa (2→2)
  3. Sénateurs d'OttawaSénateurs d'Ottawa (3→3)
1Detroit Red Wings-Duh
2Ottawa Senators-Just for the fun of being the german player drafted the highest.
3Ottawa SenatorsSan Jose Sharks1C in the making
4Los Angeles Kings-Another logical pick for LA. They're stacked in offensive prospects. In comparison to Byram (drafted 4th OA last year), he is a more solid defensively skating D with a lesser skillset offensively. A top pair (40-50pts) dmen in the making.
5Anaheim Ducks-This is where the fun begins (in the top 10). I think that with Steel, Zegras and Soderstrom, this team is already solid at C. Perfetti is the perfect guy for them imo. He can score and pass the puck. I imagine him and Zegras on the pp with both of them playing on each circles and passing the puck to each other for the one timer.
6New Jersey Devils-I once thought that Askarov would be the logical pick here for NJ but seeing Blackwood's numbers this year, I think chosing a goalie might be a mistake. Now, this is a team that, imo, is already great offensively (with all their highly skilled young players). On the other hand, they could really use a potential top 4 dmen. Sanderson is the best dmen available at that spot and even though he MIGHT be available at 10, the risk of losing him to MTL or CHI isnt worth it for NJ. Plus, they would still get an elite offensive talent at 10 (Quinn or Holtz to play with Hughes).
7Buffalo Sabres-They need a futur 2C to play behind Eichel and they need to start winning next year. Rossi is probably the most NHL ready player after Laf. He could come in as a 3rd line C right away and put 40 pts.
8Montreal Canadiens-Elite talent right there. MB would be thrilled if he is still there when MTL talks. He is a similar player than Marner and some sort of mix between Suzuki and Gallagher. Solid defensively and works hard. Let him develop in Gohteburg with Norlinder for one year.
9Chicago Blackhawks-Hard to tell at this point... Askarov would definitely be an amazing fit in CHI but I've seen many fans claiming that Lundell was there guy (even though they seems pretty set at C). The fact that he can play the wing and seems NHL ready could push SB to take him. He was almost a locked top 5 pick at the start of the year...
10New Jersey DevilsArizona CoyotesBPA and elite sniper to play with Hughes. Quinn could be chosen here as well if the management feels like he's a better fit.
11Minnesota Wild-Their need for a top 6 C push them to make this choice... Zary is still an highly skilled center who might become a 60-70 pts player in the NHL.
12Vancouver Canucks-
13Nashville Predators-
14Florida Panthers-
15Calgary Flames-
16New York Rangers-
17Winnipeg Jets-
18Ottawa SenatorsNew York Islanders
19Columbus Blue Jackets-
20Carolina HurricanesToronto Maple Leafs
21New York RangersCarolina Hurricanes
22Dallas Stars-
23Edmonton Oilers-
24Vegas Golden Knights-
25Minnesota WildPittsburgh Penguins
26Philadelphia Flyers-
27Washington Capitals-
28San Jose SharksTampa Bay Lightning
29Colorado Avalanche-
30St. Louis Blues-
31Anaheim DucksBoston Bruins
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To me at least the chances are higher that Montreal and Chicago pass on Sanderson than Holtz. With Montreal and Buffalo just behind New Jersey and Chicago they should pick Holtz.
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I'm not sold on Zary being a 60-70 point player at all but I wouldn't be that surprised if he's the pick.
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Would be thrilled to get Raymond and I think there's a fair chance he drops because he hasn't had a wow season but that's because of the poor ice time he was given throughout the year.
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Hawks would probably take holtz over lundell if available and just keep Strome as the future 2C. Dach is our 1C of the future, Strome as 2 (if we don't trade him), and we have guys in Rockford like Kurashev, Barett, and Entwistle that will come up soon and compete for the 3c spot. If all the other forwards are gone lundell is the guy and we trade Strome. Can't see us taking Askarov, bowman is on the hot seat already, can't risk his job on a goalie that is for sure the highest risk player in the draft and might not even play for 3 years.
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