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Voting Added for Signing GM/Coaches etc...

11 jui 2019 à 1 h 35
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I know people must suggest this often or complain its not a feature... I would also like to consider something related to if a buyout was good or not wink... Anyways I think they should have voting for if signing a Head Coach or GM is a good signing or not... I can see if don't want to do all the coaching positions or anything... Just seems really silly a site so focused on GMs or fantasy hockey don't seem to have any voting related to signing Head Coach/GM? I see so many trashing these GMs or coaches but unable to vote if signing them in first place was good smile? I know it would be interesting to see how certain people get savaged, besides that its really kinda logical to have since HC/GM can make a difference... Certain HCs like Goon Gallant on VEgas are like Beta or VHS, a bit too stuck in the past to win now... Yeah 1080P is great but these guys are not even at 720P much less 4K smile.

anyways I didn't see this listed in anything recent... So I'm going to ask to have votes added for signing GM/Head Coach of franchises smile...
11 jui 2019 à 7 h 50
Oui non grille-pain
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I'd support this for the GM Game, at least.
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