Marner signing an offer sheet worth 4 first round picks

Do you want it to happen?
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Regardless of whether or not you think it will happen, do you WANT it to happen?
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There are first round picks and first round picks. If the picks are in the 20s....might be worth it, but good teams likely don't have that cap space.
And the few teams that have cap space have no guarantees of being playoff teams, so those picks might be high. And even the few teams that have space, just might not have the space without dismantling their team or not resigning the players that want in the future.
I don't know if signing a RFA is really good value. Sign a good UFA or two (if they want to come to your team). and keep your picks seems more prudent.
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Quoting: Grabo86
Regardless of whether or not you think it will happen, do you WANT it to happen?

Really depends on the team... IF NHL isn't going to rig lottery to hand a top 1-3 pick like a Devils 2/3 years, Chicago/Rangers or Oilers getting like 4 1st overall picks within 10 years to be second behind original 6 Montreal w/ 5 for most ever... Then its a lot better idea in general, I don't think this particular player is worth it... I would only sign a franchise right shot D-man who can play 25-30 quality minutes a night... Like a Drew Doughty/Brent Burns 5-10 years ago for example... I woudln't invest that in a left shot D-men, Duncan Keith won Norris, Hedman, Giordona, all of them I'd take a pass including Suter wink... Supply/Demand there only maybe 5 franchise right shot-d... Even less quality or #1 right shot D-men... While left shot guys I can find guys like Jake Muzzin or others who will be worth signing or drafting without dropping 10M or even 7M on them like a Vlasic. Franchise Forward would have to score like 50 goals, make players better like Super Mario over Wayne... Super Mario had guys end up in minors score like 50 goals in a season... Mark Messier won Cups without Wayne for a reason...

I'd rather offer sheet Laine good for 30+ goals a season... Mariner strikes me as like an Oates or somebody for assists... I remember Hull had somebody when he was trying for like 80 goals or a 100 when I think he was on Blues smile... I just don't think he is worth it getting 80/90 points if can't even get 30 goals hehe... Kings had 3 first round picks in Brown draft... Taking Brown, Boyle, Tambellini... Knights had 3 first round picks when they started but none of them has played for them... Glass their top pick will probably not be better than the 5 taken ahead of him 2 being all stars w/ Calder winning going to Canucks taken in that draft... Franchises that draft well or early it might not be worth it... IF guy is generational talent that great its worth getting them in prime then... Unless its a franchise Right Shot D-man I probably woudln't give up the 4 1st rounders... Maybe I'd do the 2 1st rounders offer without blinking an eye though smile... Kings had 2 1st rounders this year, in Drew Doughty draft they passed on Karlsson w/ their 2nd 1st round pick to take a total bust smile...
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