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Toronto Maple Leafs signed Cody Ceci (1 Year / $4,500,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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5 jui 2019 à 15 h 19
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Quoting: AwesomeMatthews
If Ceci is bad just let him go next year. Great signing

but now there is more of a threat of marner being offersheeted
8 jui 2019 à 0 h 03
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Seems like a lot of money for a player not nearly as good as Colin Miller who VEgas traded for trash who isn't even making 4M... So 4.5M or 5M seems minimal to get a player not good as or nearly around Miller so VEgas screwed cap up even more while Toronto does minor move before Mariner is lost to offer sheet wink.
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