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(VGK/BUF) - Miller for 2021 2nd RD pick and 2022 5th RD pick

Who won the trade?
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29 jun 2019 à 15 h 42
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Quoting: pharrow
good move for buffalo.
For toronto to trade they would have had to give up a 1st. Buffalo will be picking top to mid round, toronto toward the bottom.
An extra pick doesn't make up for that alone, let alone sweeten the deal.

St Louis second though.
29 jun 2019 à 18 h 10
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Quoting: wojme
St Louis second though.

ahh I didn't notice that. Yeah, i guess it would have been the same then.
It could be the case of a team not wanting to help a team they think might make the playoffs for one they think might not.
1 jui 2019 à 10 h 17
Below Market Value
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Quoting: Daoloth
I'm beyond disgusted to the point I wont support Vegas at all until Trash Reaves is gone, Goon GAllant, along w/ the clown GM:GM... Colin Miller was one of my favorite players on Vegas who I liked since he was on Manchester Monarchs... I hope Vegas NEVER makes the playoffs again for this horrible idiotic trade that shows they don't know a damn thing about hockey or reality...

Miller fastest skater in AHL along w/ having the Hardest Shot... Only player on Vegas who is a legit QB on the PP, best contract on defense along w/ player... The only legit right shot RD they have in entire franchise... So now they will be playing 5 or 6 crap no talent D-men including their over paid 5M plus left shot guys who were exposed... Hell Sbsis or other trash were playing with this guy but they claimed he was weak in his own zone??

I can't put into words how angry I am, upset isn't even the word... I'm probably done with the NHL until the off side rule is gone like the 2 line pass off side idiotic rule was finally killed off... He was their BEST D-man by a grand canyon mile especially in opening season... Hell they couldn't even get a 1st rounder for their best blue liner... A team in its 2nd or 3rd year already in cap trouble has no excuses... Paying Fleury at least twice what he is worth.. Max getting 7M when he isn't worth 5 or 6 on his best day.. STone getting 9.5M who is not a top tier player nor will he ever be... Guy is a power forward who will boom or bust...

You can't pay anybody more than 10% or upper limit 11% of the actual cap... Hence 81.5M the max salary is 8.15M to about 9M or so. League to survive will have to limit teams to paying 2-3 players 10% to 11% of the current cap at time of contract signing otherwise it will be a former league in about 5 years...

I just hope they put some Miller jerseys on sale, that some team competing didn't offer a 1st rounder for him shows why they wont ever win anything... Remember Vegas while Miller was on bench lost on a SHG in OT vs. Sharks w/ crap STone on his point... Also game 1 vs. them they had no talent HOldin in over Miller having no PP effective goals... I"m so upset, Kings traded Miller to Bruins in the horrible Lucic trade along w/ Martin Jones and 1st rounder... Look how great that worked out for them, Jones would go on to play in SCF while Bishop nearly won a Vezina as they stuck w/ injury prone over the hill Quick smile.

Miller was not Vegas' best defenseman. Theodore and Schmidt are both better. I like Miller too, not as much as you apparently, but he is a 2nd pairing defenseman at best. They probably should have moved one of their forwards rather than Miller, but the deal is done.

And you are completely wrong about Stone not being a top tier player. He is probably the best two-way winger in the league in addition to being Vegas' best player, regardless of position. He is absolutely worth his contract.
31 mar à 1 h 06
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This move looks nice, but I would’ve liked to have kept him still as he was our only RHD at the time
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