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(PHI/DAL) - Hartman for Pitlick

Who won the trade?
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11 jui 2019 à 0 h 35
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Well this looks bad now

Hehe well they made some moves since then to stay/get grittier... I know if I was a goalie, Blues rookie wouldn't have played another game all season if he tried BS he did w/ Bishop on me wink. Hell even in street hockey nobody would come into my crease that didn't exist without regret wink. Its funny when the hockey guy was crying how Bishop dives or embellishes? As an excuse for not calling a blatant penalty smile... Bishop was an idiot when he got hurt on that high shot for not knocking off his helmet but slumping down to ice??? Its like does this guy know how to play goalie? One of first things learn is if hurt to pop off helmet to stop play without making it look overly on purpose wink. Again he has luck like mine, really bad, always some fluke play or shot to injure Bishop or cost him. I know he stayed in game etc, yet in my view he wasn't same level of play prior to that injury smile.
16 jui 2019 à 12 h 17
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Quoting: SpaghettiPasta

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Flyers are on a spending spree but they don't want to resign Hartman, or he wants too much. 4th team in 16 months.

Well this looks bad now

5th team...

Why does my comment look bad?
16 jui 2019 à 12 h 22
i hope ur hungry now
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5th team...

Why does my comment look bad?

just this whole thread
16 jui 2019 à 12 h 52
best poster
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no one thought dallas was using this trade as a cap dump, and it let them open space to let them get perry.
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