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(PHI/NSH) - Simmonds for Hartman and 2020 conditional 4th round pick

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25 fév 2019 à 15 h 16
Trade confirmed: Nashville Predators - Philadelphia Flyers
Détails de la transaction
Les Flyers de Philadelphie font l’acquisition de:
Flyers de Philadelphie
Choix conditionnel de 4e ronde en 2020* (NSH - #104 - Thimo Nickl)
*Conditions: Le choix de 4e ronde en 2020 deviendra un choix de 3e ronde en 2020 si Nashville remporte une ronde en séries éliminatoires de 2018-19.

Résultat : La condition n'ayant pas été respectée, Philadelphie reçoit le choix de 4e ronde en 2020.
25 fév 2019 à 15 h 21
Habs/Pens fan
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Alright deal, just hope this is for a rental because some GM will surely overpay him in FA.
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25 fév 2019 à 15 h 22
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Thinking of what NSH gave up to get Hartman makes it even. Basically Late first, fringe nhl player, fourth, and middle 6 guy in Hartman for a rental in Simmonds. NSH obviously gets the better player in this trade , we'll see what Simmonds can do.
25 fév 2019 à 15 h 22
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GREAT Deal for Nashville because they NEED BIG WAYNE on the Power Play Unit! Did not cost them much and they got Better Overall.
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25 fév 2019 à 15 h 31
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Great deal for the preds
25 fév 2019 à 15 h 35
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Gotta say I'm happy with the trade as a Flyer fan. Go win the cup, SImmer.
25 fév 2019 à 15 h 42
Misanthropic Thunder
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So much for Simmonds getting the Flyers a first. Bummer seeing one of my favorites the last few years go. Holding on to a slim chance he comes back in FA....doubtful though.
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25 fév 2019 à 15 h 48
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Great move by Nashville, can't wait to see someone overpay him by a couple million dollars this summer.
25 fév 2019 à 18 h 41
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Huh, I see this as a win for the Flyers as they get a younger player that has close to the same offensive output this season, but guess what? Hartman plays about 13min/game (3rd-4th line) and doesn't get any pp time either, while Simmonds has been getting 16min/game (2nd line) and pp time. Simmonds likely will look for the highest buyer come this offseason, so he is likely to play really hard for Nashville, but hard to say if he is capable of doing so in a helpful way (he does have a **** load of penalties this season, more so than Hartman, which is saying something). Hartman could very well be a much better offensive player in a bigger role with the Flyers and will likely be relatively cheap to sign longterm. Plus, they get a 4th rnd pick, and maybe it becomes a 3rd!!!
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