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Did trading Duchene help?

Who wins?
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8 fév 2018 à 10 h 07
Goodbye Jagr
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Here's how it went

Ottawa Senators Matt Duchene #95

Nashville Predators Kyle Turris #8

Colorado Avalanche #30 Andrew Hammond, #91 Vladislav Kamenev, #49 Samuel Girard, and Shane Bowers (Reserve List)
8 fév 2018 à 21 h 33
Blues GM v4
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The biggest reason why Colorado has played better since the Duchene trade is that it clears the negative presence out of the locker room. Mackinnon himself said that the trade helped improve the team attitude, and it's opened up his game more as well.
10 aoû 2018 à 19 h 29
Let's Go Avs
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Short answer yes I think this trade was executed perfectly on Sakic's part as he definitely got the most out of a trade that he didn't really have that much leverage with. I think all the pieces were top end talant like Girard, Kamenev, and Bowers and dont forget the 1st round pick next year which is looking more and more like it's going to be a high pick with Ottawa's current melt down going on. I find it hilarious Duchene wanted out cause he wanted to play for a contender, how did that work out for you Dutchy?
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