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When does the new mock draft come into play?

Who will be the best projected number one overall pick of the next few years?
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9 jan 2018 à 12 h 10
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Circling back to this since my question never got an answer. It is now 2018 and many fans whose teams are out are looking forward to the draft / who gets Dahlin. At what point does it become possible to make a 2018 Mock Draft? There are websites that already have players ranked. I've been watching some of these players a couple years already and am a big fan of the draft and am anxious to see other's mocks, and where they have Svechnikov, Boqvist, Tkachuk, etc. going.

I'd love to see even future draft options such as 2019, and 2020. See what people think of players such as Lafreniere, Byfield, J. Hughes, Krebs, N. Foote, Weibel, Kakko, Wong, etc.
9 jan 2018 à 12 h 35
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Dahlin or Lafreniere on the poll. About the 2018 mock draft, i agree, but until then, you can always go in the NHL section and make your 2018 mock draft.
9 jan 2018 à 14 h 50
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We're working on it, hopefully soon
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10 jan 2018 à 21 h 30
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@loganreid @rangersandislesfan the first batch of 2018 draftees are up for the mock draft tool
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